S Family photography -Historic Odessa Delaware

I have been friends with Jenn for awhile.  She is the creative mind behind Stitched4Ewe.  I linked to her facebook page HERE.  She makes AWESOME headbands, barrettes, and hats.  In fact, anyone who has been to my prop room will notice that Jenn’s work is the majority of my props.  Her sweet baby girl- E is wearing her beautiful necklace and also shabby flower barrette.  She really does an incredible job.  So when she asked me to take her family pictures this year, I was SO excited and more than happy to do them!

We had a fabulous time shooting in Historic Odessa, Delaware.  Jenn came with some awesome and creative ideas.  Her son, M., LOVES star wars.  So how cool is it for him to get a shot with his star wars guys (both good and bad)?  Jenn also gets a picture of M. writing his name every year.  So I was so excited to capture that below. Here are storyboards of all of Jenn’s “Yes’s” from our ordering session this morning.. Thank you SO much for hiring me.  I had the best time! <3



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