How do I take better pictures? Here is the secret.

Dear  mommys and daddys that just got a new DSLR for Christmas,

I am going to let you in a HUGE secret- how to take better pictures with brand new shiny camera.

Let’s focus on taking outside pictures first- indoor pictures are another post for another day.

Beautiful photographs need beautiful light. So how do you find the light?  Well first you have to find the shade.

My clients are always a bit surprised when I find a beautifully shaded area.  I like to call this “full shade” .  You can often find full shade under a beautiful tree or in the shadow of a building.

But beware of “dappled light”.  You find this often when you are under a tree and light is streaming through the leaves.  You will have some shade then some spots of bright light.  Stay far away from dappled light … it is so yucky.

My MOST favorite weather to shoot in is OVERCAST!  *gasp*. WHAT?! no sun- you say?!

That’s right- no sun- the clouds act as a natural diffuser and you end up with perfect light.

The worst light to shoot in is midday sun without clouds.  You end up looking shiny and sparkly like Edward from twilight.  Your poor subject will be super over exposed.  Photographers call this “blowing the highlights”.  You pretty much can’t fix this (even in photoshop).  When I was first starting out, I saw beautiful heavy sunlight and shot away.  Now of course I know better <3  What I once thought was “beautiful” I now know will be harsh.

So what is the takeaway?

To get images like this below-

1.  Find full shade

2.  Better yet- shoot on an overcast day

3.  Avoid midday sun

4.  Stay away from dappled light!

Happy shooting!



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