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I first met sweet baby Caleb when his mama was pregnant.  His mom Jen was an incredibly beautiful pregnant and it turned out that Caleb was super sweet and just as beautiful.

This is his story as told by his mom Jen:

“Caleb James Eliason was born a healthy baby May 14, 2014. He had just turned nine months and was starting to pull himself up on furniture, eat a variety of foods, and explore his world. Early on the morning of Tuesday, February 17, Caleb became unresponsive in his mother’s arms and was rushed to A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital. For over thirty minutes, he was in cardiac arrest and had to be shocked three times. After a slew of tests, the doctors determined Caleb had atypical Kawasaki’s Disease. This caused the creation of a giant aneurysm in the coronary artery supplying blood to the left side of his heart. Over time, a clot had formed, blocking blood flow and oxygen, resulting in a heart attack. Consequently, the left side of his heart could not pump effectively. Doctors expected brain damage from his prolonged cardiac arrest and feared he would not survive. God had other plans, however, and Caleb began to heal, showing no neurological abnormalities.
In time, he was extubated, doing therapies, and eating solid food. The physicians attempted to wean him off the medication infusion that helped his heart pump, but he could not function without it. Unfortunately, Caleb suffered another heart attack on March 25, which prompted the decision to immediately list him for a heart transplant. He was reintubated and placed back on numerous drips. Medications corrected the blockage, and he underwent a fourth heart catheterization, which involved a sternotomy.
On April 9, Caleb was again extubated and within the next week, weaned off the IV sedations. He has resumed his therapies, has been tolerating his tube feedings, and has been gaining weight. We are praying that Caleb will be as healthy as possible when he receives his new heart.”

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Thank you to everyone who has donated and everyone that came out for Baby Caleb’s fundraiser two weeks ago.