We all start somewhere | Wilmington, DE Photographer

So here it is.  I am taking a deep breath and putting it all out there.  When I started out back in 2011, I was awful…. I  was a  selective coloring, out of focus, inconsistent mess.  I am not saying that to be self depricating.  Instead- I am saying that because I am actually pretty proud of how far I have come.  When I was putting together these storyboards, I thought about the hours and hours of education I watched, the thousands of pictures I took and pitched, the hours of practicing I did with my equipment.  This has truely been a journey.  One that I am proud of and finally ready to show.

For me, it started back in October of 2011, my sweet husband decided he would entertain my crazy notion to start a photography business and he bought me my first DSLR.  I was pumped! I had a shiny new camera and a kit lens.  I thought I knew a good bit about photography.  In reality I really knew nothing.  I thought, how hard could running a business be?  As I have come to find out- really hard.  Since then, I have poured hours and hours of time learning and relearning this craft.  I am part of multiple groups of photographers that have helped me discover my style and help me be the photographer I want to be. *thank you to my click sisters- I love you <3*

Back in 2011, my friend Whitney graciously let me practice and take some maternity pictures of her.  I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  I didn’t understand angles, light, my equipment, editing…I could go on and on.  Then when her baby Maximo was born, she again graciously let me photograph him. Maximo was my very first newborn session.  Whitney hired me last year to photograph her third pregnancy- I was thrilled and this blog began to take shape. So thank you to Whitney and her beautiful babies for being my models.  I am proud- and pretty scared- to show how far I have come.  Thank you to my sweet husband who supports me every minute of every day and most of all thank you to my every client that hires me to photograph their beautiful families.  I am humbled everytime <3

So I am really posting this blog for myself. I think sometimes we are scared to show how far we have come- with anything really.  I definitely have that fear.  This blog is kind of like walking around the Mall of America naked for me.  Am I perfect? NO WAY. Are there a ton of photographers out there that are better than me? MOST DEFINITELY. Am I done learning and trying to improve my work? Never.   <31 whitney 2 Isabel 3 daniela max