Tips for beginners in Pageants | By Miss Delaware World 2015 Taylor DeMario | Delaware


I always love having guest bloggers on my site.  Today I am excited to introduce Taylor DeMario.  She recently won the title of Miss Delaware World 2015.  She will be competing for her next title- Miss World America in July. LaBella Vita Photography is proud to offer custom, beautiful, and affordable pageant headshots.  You can book your pageant headshot with professional hair and makeup by Beautiful by Liz,  You can check out Liz’s work by clicking HERE.   For a limited time, LaBella Vita Photography is offering $50 off your retainer fee/hair and makeup for custom headshots.  That means you receive a custom photoshoot and professional hair and makeup for only $100!

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Taylor wrote a great blog about makeup tips not too long ago. You can check that out by clicking HERE.

Here are Taylor’s Top Tips for beginners in Pageants:

  1. Make sure your gown touches the floor, and fits right. The number one thing I notice for first time pageant goers, is when their gown does not fit right. Make sure your gown fits your body. Go to a good seamstress, and they will help you. Also, ensure the gown touches the floor, because they will take off points for that. There is nothing worse than getting points off for a gown being too short. (Trust me…it has happened to me)

  1. Be yourself! I know this may sound cliche, but it is so true. The judges will be able to tell when you are not being yourself. Make it a point to show off your personality in your interview and on stage.

  1. Create a platform, not because you have to, but because you have a passion for it. The best thing I have done in pageantry is the work with my platform. Constantly, judges and even the people around me are impressed with what I do. In the end, this will make you a better person, win or lose

  1. Don’t worry too much when you are on stage, have fun and it will show. The first time I competed, I was so worried about all of the fancy footwork and walking patterns on stage, that I looked terrified and did not even realize it. Go up there and have fun because it goes so quickly. Enjoy your time on stage and use it to show your fun and spunky side. The judges will appreciate that.

  1. Make friends! In the end, I have come out with best friends from pageant weekend. Make sure to cherish every moment of the weekend. I know it is stressful, and overwhelming, but you can really make some amazing friends along the way. Don’t forget the reasons you signed up! Win or lose, you will come out a better you.


Taylor DeMario is Miss Delaware World 2015. Taylor has been competing in pageant for over 4 years now. She has competed in pageants ranging from local competitions up to a national competition, Miss United States 2013. Taylor has received an award in every pageant system she has competed in. She received the Best Interview award at Miss Delaware USA 2012, Miss Photogenic at Miss Delaware United States 2013, Miss America Community Service Award at Miss Delaware America 2013, and Miss photogenic and High Point Evening gown at Miss Delaware World 2015. Taylor has held three titles; Miss Delaware United States 2013, Miss Milford America 2014, and Miss Delaware World 2015. She is now going on to compete in Miss World America in July. Taylor’s platform is the National MS Society. She has been working with the MS Society since 2010 and, with the help of her family, has raised over $23,000.

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