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  • A letter to my baby| Middletown, DE | Jackson Henry

  • Sweet Jackson Henry, The day you entered our lives was the best day our of lives. Every day you suprise us with something new.  Every day I wake up to your sweet voice on the baby monitor is the best part of my day.  Seeing your face after work is the second best part of my day.  You make me [...]
  • Child Photography Sessions Delaware

  • Child photography is one of our specialties at LaBella Vita Photography.  We know how to make a child smile, or hold something a certain way so we can capture the personality of your child.  These memories can be hung on your wall so you can never forget when your child was that age.
  • Editing Photos: One of the Many Aspects of Our Art

  • I am so happy to be able to share this AWESOME article about editing photos from my friend and guest blogger Kelly Broyles.  You can visit Kelly's website here and her facebook page here.  Go check out her work.. it is incredible!  Editing Photos: One of the Many Aspects of Our Art One of the bigg[...]
  • Maternity Photography in Delaware: H Family

  • At LaBella Vita Photography, we love to do photo shoots in are local area.  Maternity Photography in Delaware is unlike any other state because Delaware is just gorgeous.  There is so much natural beauty that it is impossible to hate it! H Family Belly to Baby Photography Session in Awesome Delawar[...]